SoloPoly: Meet Up and Discussion

SoloPoly: Meet Up and Discussion

This Meetup is inclusive of all relationship styles. The focus is on being Solo while Polyamorous and promoting autonomy in relationships. Being Solo generally means you don’t have a primary or live with any partners. As with any Polyamorous relationship, everyone practices a bit differently.

Each month on the third Tuesday either Laury or Rachel will facilitate a discussion on topics relevant to the Solo Polyamorous lifestyle.

This month Chiluna will be facilitating a discussion on navigating solo poly relationships when there are children involved-either your own or a partner’s. Kids are welcomed to come hang out or join in on the discussion if they are old enough. Coloring books and toys will be made available

Come for a chance to network, socialize and enjoy the company of other sopofo! Look for one of us in our purple Poly Columbus tshirt.

We also sometimes go to the Winking Lizard afterwards for extra social otime, at 1380 Bethel Rd. This is decided at the event depending on interest level.