Request A Meeting

This summer, PolyColumbus Leadership is piloting a new program. Request a Meeting. While CoffeeAmory has a clever name and it has been a source of entry for dozens to our community it has not been without its challenges. Mainly RSVP management and staffing. For Summer of 2017, we are suspending CoffeeAmory and trying a request a meeting format. We have a list of board members and staff members who are willing to take an hour and answer questions, talk about polyamory or other Central Ohio resources. We recognize that for many, coming to a monthly gathering of 40-50 people, is daunting and softer entry may be desirable. If so, Request A Meeting is for you.

Have you been to a PolyColumbus event and have questions? Want more detailed information about who we are and what we do? Then Request a Meeting.

In September we plan to compare notes and see which model works best.


If you would like to request a meeting, please complete the form below and a staff or board member will be in contact shortly. Please be specific in your description of what days or time work best for you.


Please use this form to request a meeting. In your request please include the following:

*where is your preferred meeting place (specific location or general area)

*possible dates or generally what days, times work best for you

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