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One of the focus areas of PolyColumbus is educating our broader community on what it means to be ethically non-monogamous. Our board members have extensive speaking experience on a variety of polyamory and related topics, whether for local groups, educational institutions, conferences, or in major venues such as the nationally aired podcasts. We are also available for interviews in all mediums.

We have available some of our recent engagements.

Please contact Susan Porter at  to request us for your event. We generally do not require an honorarium within Central Ohio or electronically. More time-intensive or out-of-town engagements may require expense reimbursement or an honorarium.

Our Speakers

Karen Hill, Executive Director, Board Member

Karen Hill
Executive Director, Board Member


Relevant experience:

Polyamorous for nearly a decade

Co-producer of Beyond the Love, Polyamory Summit

Potential topics include:

Building a community around shared sexual interests

Managing your polyamorous identity at work

Conflict resolution within the poly community



Trina Gardinier, Deputy Executive Director, Board Member

Trina Gardinier
Board Member


Relevant experience:

Polyamorous for over a decade

Co-owner of Adventures in Sexuality

Frequent conference organizer / speaker

Potential topics include:

Intersection of polyamory and BDSM

Sacred Sexuality

Responding to abusive relationships


Susan Porter, Treasurer, Board Member

Susan Porter, M.B.A.
Deputy Executive Director, acting Treasurer, Board Member


Relevant experience:

Polyamorous for over a decade

Raising two young children in the midst of polyamory

Repeat speaker on polyamory in the secular movement

Potential topics include:

Poly parenting

Polyamory 101

Humanism and polyamory




Michelle Vaughan, Ph.D., L.P. Former member of Advisory Board since 2015, Board Member since June 2015


Relevant experience:



Licensed Psychologist


Potential topics include:

Lgbtq+ issues

Sexuality issues

Social science research

Inclusive mental healthcare