Polyamory Resources

Resources for the Ethically Non-Monogamous

PolyColumbus has created this list of resources to assist those with questions. Inclusion is not an endorsement, but we do not include resources we don’t trust. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have a recommendation, please contact us.


Brochures for Healthcare Professionals

Brochure for Healthcare Providers

Brochure for Mental Health Providers



Local Resources
Columbus Department of Health, Public Health, Sexual Health Clinic

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio


Local Therapists
Dwight Tolliver          Terri Lance          Rita Hallaveld          Lynne Johnston


Local Lawyers
Merisa Bowers


Local Realtor

Cindy Dunigan


Poly Blogs and Websites
Loving More                   More than Two          Open and Awesome

The Thinking Asexual        Polyamory In the News    SoloPoly        50 Love Project


The Ethical Slut          Opening Up          More Than Two          The Polyamorists Next Door


Savage Lovecast          Polyamory Weekly          Three Thumbs Up


Poly Conferences and Events
Beyond the Love          Atlanta Poly Weekend          Poly Living (Philadelphia)