The Types of Relationships in Our Community

Below we’ve provided some definitions to help you understand our community. After taking a look, explore our blog or come to a meeting for more information.

Please note: these definitions are just guides. Ethically non-monogamous people tend to define things for themselves and are generally more than happy to explain their individual interpretations of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. Many people in this lifestyle do not want a “big box store” one-size-fits-all relationship.

Ethical Non-monogamy
This term refers to the practice of maintaining relationships (sexual and/or romantic) that do not have the traditional boundaries of a monogamous relationship. Polyamory, swinging, and open relationships generally fall under this general umbrella.

Open Relationship
This term notes that exclusivity is not a defining factor in the relationship. Open relationships may allow for both sexual and/or emotional non-monogamous activities. Many non-monogamous people may identify with this term, but it is always important to ask for clarification because the particulars of how it is arranged depends on the couple.

This term encompasses people who desire multiple simultaneous sexual and/or romantic partners. The word means “many loves” from the words “many” (Greek) and ­”amor”­ (Latin). Many believe that love is not a limited resource, and that one can hold relationships in whatever number and form one pleases.

This term describes non-monogamous couples and/or singles who engage in sex as a recreational activity. Swingers often meet at hotels or clubs specifically designed for networking and sexual activity. They may also have their own set of rules of what is / is not allowed within the sexual relationships.