Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission & Vision

PolyColumbus provides a safe, comfortable, and welcoming community for those exploring or living ethical non-monogamy in Central Ohio. We envision a future where society accepts all consent-based intentional relationship structures.

Core Values

Our Core Values do not merely define who we are, but they also help to guide the hard decisions of our organization. For example, we look to the principles of our Mission, Vision, and Core Values when deciding who to bring onto leadership, what type of events to put scarce resources such as time and money into, and the types of organizations we work alongside.

As individuals, we should be free to determine for ourselves what our lives — including our intimate relationships — look like. We support the right to form intentional relationships based on consent.

Strong relationships — intimate or otherwise — are built through strong communication skills. These skills include articulating our needs and preferences in a manner that respects ourselves and others.

Consent is the foundation of ethical intimate relationships. We model consent that is enthusiastic, fully informed, and free of coercion.

As an organization, we accomplish more through combining our efforts with others seeking similar social change. Appreciative of our roots in the GLBT movement, we seek to work alongside not only our peers in the alternative-sexuality space, but also any other organization whose goals align with our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Our culture generally does not provide the skills necessary to practice ethical non-monogamy. We gladly share from our relevant knowledge and experience with those both inside and outside of our community.

We all bring different life experiences and perspectives to our relationships. We take affirmative steps to make our organization’s services and support equally accessible to all who desire it, not simply in principle but also in fact.

Sex- and Pleasure-Positive
We embrace the seeking of pleasure in intimate relationships, regardless whether that pleasure manifests sexually, romantically, or in other ways. We likewise embrace as equals those who have recognized that they have little or no interest in specific manifestations of pleasure.