Sample Engagements

Part of our mission is to advance the public conversation with respect to polyamory. Our board members and other leaders are speaking out! Here is a representative sample of some of our recent engagements.

Let us know if you would like to request a speaker from PolyColumbus.

Digital / Print Interviews

614 Magazine: How the Other Halves Live (February 2015)


In-Class Presentations

Human Sexuality in Context at The Ohio State University (April 2015)

OSU Panel

Audio / Podcasts

The Humanist Hour #141: What Is Polyamory All About? (March 2015)


Local Group Presentations

Polyamory: Options to Consider at the Humanist Community of Central Ohio. (May 2014)

Note that the co-panelists took part in the (intentionally un-recorded) panel discussion following this presentation.

Conference Presentations

Polyamory and Sex Positivism at the Sexy Secular Conference 2 (November 2014)