Our Community’s Safe Environment Policy

Each meeting is designed to be a supportive and safe environment for the community. We want our discussions to increase participants’ understanding and exploration of non-monogamy and polyamory. We encourage all members to be respectful of each other and various boundaries.

As we continue to grow and sponsor activities, it is important our members exercise caution when forming friendships and relationships with fellow members.

About Our Members:

  • We do not ask members for personal information or data as a pre-condition to attending events.
  • We do not vet members or conduct background checks.

About Our Meetings:

  • No means no. Always. Not everyone is seeking a new partner.
  • If something happens, or someone is making a member(s) uncomfortable or unwelcome, bring it to the attention of a board member or an event staff member, and we will address it in the moment.

While staff and the board of PolyColumbus are absolutely dedicated to making meetings and social events as inclusive and welcoming as possible, we cannot be everywhere and see all things. We see PolyColumbus as a partnership between leadership and attendees.

We are currently drafting a more expansive Community Conduct Policy, and look forward to sharing it in the near future.