Membership — It’s Free!

PolyColumbus Membership

Part of the Mission of PolyColumbus is to “build community to provide a safe and inclusive place to not only be ourselves, but also meet like-minded individuals from all backgrounds.” At PolyColumbus we want to ensure that our community is as inclusive as possible. Our requirements for Membership are simple:

  • You have attended at least one PolyColumbus event (which may have been a Monthly Gathering).
  • You endorse our Mission, being:

    PolyColumbus empowers individuals that either self-identify as polyamorous, open, or ethically non-monogamous, or are exploring such possibilities. We build community to provide a safe and inclusive place to not only be ourselves, but also meet like-minded individuals from all backgrounds. We advocate for the equal treatment of the ethically non-monogamous under law, and for broader societal acceptance of the same. We serve organizations with similar goals by documenting best practices and creating other resources for successfully running such an organization. Finally, we educate each other, allied organizations, and the broader community on what it means to be ethically non-monogamous.

  • You have provided an email address through which we can communicate with you.

That’s it! You can join PolyColumbus for free here!

PolyColumbus is a Member-driven organization. Sources of outside funding for a cause like polyamory are limited, at best. The people attending our meetings and events are the same people who are donating funds to make these and future events possible. For those who wish to become an Annual Member at a significant savings off our suggested donation of $5 per event, we have other Memberships available as well.

Annual Memberships

Annual Memberships are $35 per year, and are valid for a rolling twelve-month period. In rare circumstances, the Membership Committee Chair may grant Annual Memberships as appreciation for important acts, such as volunteering significant time, that advance the organization.

Annual Memberships may be gifted to others at the time of purchase. Although many non-profits offer “joint” or “family” memberships, we do not. We do not want to be defining your family structure or privileging certain ways of being poly over others.

Annual Memberships have the following benefits:

  • A tax-deduction for the full amount of the Membership dues.
  • A significant savings off the suggested monthly donation of $5 per meeting.
  • Access to PolyColumbus discount codes (when applicable) for external events that we sponsor.
  • For social and educational events with limited seating, a 72-hour window to RSVP ahead of others.
  • Other benefits that we are able to negotiate with external vendors and partners.

Life Memberships

Life Memberships are $250, which provide the benefits of a Annual Membership for the rest of your life. Those who give multiple, smaller gifts (e.g. a monthly donor) will earn a Life Membership upon giving $250 in a single calendar year. In rare circumstances, the board of directors may grant Life Memberships as appreciation for exceptional acts that advance the organization.

Those who give $250 or more before December 31, 2015 are also known as Founding Members. Beyond the life-long benefits of Annual Membership, you also receive permanent recognition on our website. We provide this recognition under whatever name you prefer, including the option of a link to your own website or organization.

Staff Memberships

Non-Board Members who take on a recurring volunteer role within a board committee (i.e. “staff”) receive the benefits of a Annual Membership during their time as a Staff Member, and for twelve months thereafter.

Board Memberships

Board Members govern PolyColumbus, which brings with it many responsibilities. You can read more details regarding nominating yourself for our board of directors.