It’s Official– PolyColumbus is a Non-Profit…

It’s Official– PolyColumbus is a Non-Profit…

One of the primary goals of the Board of Directors for 2014, was to become a Federally recognized non-profit and be able to accept tax deductible donations from our membership.

Yesterday– we received written confirmation from the IRS– we are a non-profit and any donation given to us, will be tax deductible based on the IRS guidelines.

On the left side bar there is a “Donate to PolyColumbus” button, if you are looking for a way to support PolyColumbus in 2014– the sands of time are flowing swiftly, as they say!


We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and cannot wait to see what amazing things await us in the New Year!


PS– in the coming weeks we plan to sign up for a variety of other programs, such as Amazon Smiles, as ways for our members to help us earn some revenue, while doing what they normally do.