PolyColumbus Introduces a New RSVP process

PolyColumbus Introduces a New RSVP process


Actually– lots of people RSVP… alot. With the vast majority of  Social Media — an RSVP is as much an announcement of intentions as it is a hand raised, saying count me in.

And therein lies the problem.

PolyColumbus is committed to being on a wide variety of social media sites, because we know our members, fans, friends, and lurkers are on a variety of social media sites. Some folks gravitate to Meet Up and others Facebook. Others still are on Fetlife, so that they keep their kink and poly life off the Facebook.

PolyColumbus is not the social media police. Really– we get it. We are all OUT in different ways and to varying degrees. It is all good.

Except– in the past year we have had several events– where we have had absolutely no idea how many people are coming. Maybe 5 and Maybe 15. [and 35 show up!] Some of you social animals are RSVPing all over the place. We love that, the free publicity is exactly what we want, it is why we are on Social Media! Until we go to figure out the headcount and end up scratching our heads.

Is Bob DaisyChain the same as Chains In Flowers– hey do those photos match?

I don’t know… they have friends in common, maybe? What do you think?

What we think is we need some way to keep the social media RSVP/publicity/hey friends, I am going here magic alive and provide our event planners and committees with a better way to keep track of people, so that we make appropriate venue choices, can reserve tables at cool places to eat, and take advantage of group discounts, which keeps our events affordable for all.

And therefore, we are adopting a new RSVP strategy.

  1. Events will be listed on Meet Up, The Facebook Public Page, The Facebook Closed Group, and Fetlife. Please RSVP there. This is a great way to help us get the word out, keep it on your personal social radar, and show people in these public venues that we are a fun, hip, happening group– with really cool events. Sharing is caring! (Please do share our event posts far and wide– on a poly group on FB, share, share, share!)
  2. The official event head count will be handled through Brown Paper Ticket. BPT is a great organization and the service is free for events with no cost. If our event has a cost, the fees are modest and the processing safe and secure. The advantages are many. An accurate headcount, reports mailed to us. It will ease the burden of arranging events like camping trips and dinners out on the town. It will also make prepaid events easier and more budget friendly for us.
  3. Did I mention easy. All events posted will have a link to BPT. Just click, get your tix and we are ready to PARTY.
  4. On occasion we will use Sign Up Genius for special events, like potlucks, PRIDE, and other volunteer opportunities.

Our members and fans are the best. Really, you have adapted to all our changes in 2015 and 2016 is shaping up to be the best year yet! With several of these changes implemented,  we are poised to plan some really amazing experiences. We hope that you continue to join us!