PolyColumbus takes PRIDE 2015 by storm

PolyColumbus takes PRIDE 2015 by storm

For years we have wanted to be a part of pride. Karen and I would have conversations about it, but we always lacked the funds and the people power to make it happen. Now we have both and the BOD is super excited to be a part of PRIDE 2015. It might sound dramatic or cliche, but it really is a dream come true.

It is our big– citywide debut. The first time we will have real, live exposure  at a festival.

Our commitment at PRIDE is two fold. We will be hosting a table/booth. This is a great way to share our information with interested people. We hope to gather email addresses, so that we can reach out to people, after the festival. We will have information available, buttons and ink pens.

We will also be walking in the parade. This is about visibility.  Going to watch the parade– look for us and our purple t-shirts.

There are several volunteer slots still available. This is a great way to join in and help the organization out. You will get an annual membership and a t-shirt, meet new people, and have a great time.

Want to walk in the parade? We space in our parade group, we would love to walk with you.

This is a going to be a great weekend and we could not have done it with out all your support!

To sign up to volunteer, use this link.

Not sure you can commit… that is ok too. Email– polycolumbusboard@gmail.com to be added to the email blasts, these emails will include maps and meeting points, so you can join us on the fly (you might not get a t-shirt right away going this route, so just wear some purple!)


Want information about PRIDE, the location, the schedule and where to park. Visit PRIDE 2015  for all the details.


Working another booth at the event? Swing by and say hi to us! We would love to see you!


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