Quarterly Board Update

Quarterly Board Update

This information was provided in hard copy format at last night’s poly meeting. We are providing the information here.


The PolyColumbus Board of Directors met on August 25, 2014, and we handled several matters of general interest. Here is an overview report for the membership of PolyColumbus.

1. The official stylization of the group’s name is now PolyColumbus, with no space.
2. We have Articles of Incorporation, an EIN, a bank account, and a physical address for mail.
3. We are seeking out a new venue, and have budgeted funds to cover the potential cost. We are
prioritizing for both adequate space as well as an environment that is welcoming to all.
4. We have passed a Community Policy.

5. We will be filing for federal tax exemption by the end of the year (perhaps earlier).
6. PolyColumbus is a Gold Sponsor for Beyond the Love. As a member of PolyColumbus, you can attend at 10% off using a special code at checkout. Contact a staff/board member or log onto the forum.
7. PolyColumbus is cosponsoring the luncheon at COPE for this weekend.
8. FtB Con 3, a free online weekend long conference at which several of our leaders will be
presenting on polyamory, kink, and building sex positive community, has been rescheduled for
January. We’ll share more as the event approaches. FtB Con covers a variety of topics of interest
to those who are secular.
9. Susan Porter will be speaking on polyamory at the University of Akron for the Sexy Secular
Conference on Saturday, October 18. Sexy Secular is a free one day conference on the
intersection of atheism and sexuality for those interested in both.
10. We will likely be presenting on polyamory at Skepticon in Springfield, Missouri on Friday, November 21. Skepticon is a free weekend long conference for those interested in skepticism
and/or atheism.
11. Although many of our upcoming talks are at secular events, we are open to and are seeking out a variety of opportunities. So far, our connections at secular events have come through, but feel free to share your own ideas or possibilities for outreach.
12. We have begun a brand identity task force to create a professional logo, business cards, etc. We are seeking a photographer if you have professional level skills and equipment.
You can reach the PolyColumbus Board of Directors at polycolumbusboard@gmail.com
Karen Hill (Executive Director) ❋ Trina Gardinier (Deputy Executive Director) ❋
Susan Porter (Treasurer) ❋ Rose McDonnell (CoSecretary) ❋ Misty Taylor (CoSecretary) ❋Neil Wehneman (Board Chair) ❋ Orach Beheler ❋ Rich Galante ❋ John Tucker