Change, Change, Change.

Change, Change, Change.

So we told you it was going to happen. Now we are proud to announce that is has happened. The PolyColumbus website got a facelift and we have a new logo.

Why do we need a logo?

We need a logo, because we want to have some identifying  branding. We plan to have a presence at PRIDE this year and at ComFest! Banners, pens and t-shirts oh my!

In seriousness, we want to have a symbol that identifies us and all our good work in the community at large. In the coming weeks there will be opportunities for you as members to have access to branded items.

A logo is also important for identity materials when we are out in the community speaking and knowledge sharing.

Hey– who moved the forum?

We nixed the forum actually. It wasn’t working like we had planned or thought it would work and it just seemed redundant. There are so many avenues now, via Social Media, to connect and knowledge share with other poly people.

That said– we know that sometimes our members want a more private place to communicate with the Board and each other.

We have you covered. First of all, we established a closed Facebook Group. What is a closed group on Facebook? It means that it is not private, it is searchable, but that you have to ask to be a member. We realize this is not an optimal solution for members who are not out or not on Facebook.

We are in the process of getting each board member a polycolumbus.org email address. You will be able to find that on the Board of Directors page of the website. We also maintain a polycolumbusboard@gmail.com email address and it is monitored everyday. Staying in touch and asking questions has never been easier.

Remind me where I can find more information about what is going on?

We are on social media in a big way. In the sidebar you can click on the social media of your choice to find us, like us, join us. You can also book mark this blog post, to keep our contact information handy.

We also publish a monthly newsletter on or about the 25th of month. We index them on this page.

Are you guys done yet?

Done growing and changing and trying to be the best resource we can be for Polyamory in Columbus and the surrounding area?

No. Our goal is to keep improving every chance we get.

Are we done with the moving and updating and housekeeping. For now yes. We are unlikely to make any HUGE changes in the coming months. Now it is fine tuning time and focusing on offering you– our members– the best possible resources, social events and discussion meetings that we can.

Want to help out– reach out to a board member. There are loads of opportunities and staff positions abound.